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• Despite having no children playing Kanga – he took on this role to help the Club in a time of need. It is worth mentioning that Bill has young children of his own and Saturday mornings are usually committed to swimming lessons. He gave Kanga priority with his wife looking after this important family function to make sure that Kanga ran smoothly.
• Bill is one of those people who is always there when needed. While his role in Kanga is a standout example, Bill has volunteered to help whenever there has been a need and he has delivered every time. Bill is passionate about our Club and nothing is ever too much trouble.
Girl’s cricket
Graham Chivers continues to do an outstanding job. His contribution to our Girls continues to be outstanding with 63 Girls now playing cricket. Graham is also a driving force in CNSW and uses his knowledge, passion and drive regularly throughout the season. His commitment after winning the NSW Volunteer of the Year Award last season shows no abatement.
Pink Stumps Day is one of the major community contributions we make beyond providing safe and well organised sporting opportunities. We have now raised over $26,000 for the McGrath Foundation and this effort has been acknowledged by the McGrath Foundation at national level.
The Future
Our Club is in a strong position with a clear strategy, great people and a vision of where we want to be in the future. The Norwest Metro Project will provide opportunities and challenges over the next few years – rapid population growth, changing demographics, new sports being formed, grounds and training facilities being placed under more pressure. We also need to look at how we can better embrace providing cricket for people with disabilities and how we can extend the pathway for Girls beyond U17 cricket.
Our focus will move to understanding how these changes will affect us and how we can pre-empt change rather than react. The future is exciting and not without risk.
Barry McDonald Chairperson
James Makin Bill Peterkin
WPHCCC Pink Stumps Cup Graham Chivers, Ross Anderson, Barry McDonald, Andrew Fielder and Lauren Smith 4

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