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Under 14 Tamworth Tour Report
Having had the privilege of taking these fine young men to Tamworth, I can’t help but smile and be immensely proud of the way the boys gave it everything and came away from Tamworth with an outstanding result. If someone had come to me before we went away and said you could place third, win 4 out of 5 games and finish ahead of representative teams from Armidale, Lismore, Manly, Nambucca/Bellingen and Tamworth, I would have jumped at it. Yet that is exactly what the boys did....quite amazing and just shows how special these boys are. What really pleases me is that every single boy played a very important role in this great achievement.
Joey and Kieran you made a formidable opening bowling combination. Looking 8 – 10 years down the track I look forward to umpiring grade cricket and watching you both open the bowling for Northern Districts. If that is your goal in cricket, I am sure you will both achieve it. I didn’t see a better pair of bowlers in the whole carnival! Not only did you both terrorise opening batsman, every time we needed to slow the run rate or create something special, Luca could throw you the ball with confidence. Outstanding and well done.
Each game was played in high 30 degree heat, yet every day Alastair and Aden H put on their pads, leather gloves and helmets and stood behind the wickets. Keeping is a tiring and tough job in the best of conditions, but in that heat outstanding. On top of that, your half century in game 2 Alastair was a great controlled innings that went a long way to winning us that game. Well done! And Aden H, loved your quick 21 runs in the final and beyond being a great little cricketer. I truly appreciate your selflessness. Being a Coach and a Dad at the same time can be very challenging and not always easy. But you always make it easy for me. Allowing me to not bowl you in 3 games made it much easier to spread the bowling further for the team....thanks little buddy!
Louis my young mate, you are a true enigma. If you really want to convince me you are a batsman and not a bowler, then don’t bowl as well as you did in the final. Your bowling performance in that game at the death, was simply outstanding. To take 4 wickets for nearly nothing in your final 3 overs when they were swinging at everything was sublime. You kept your cool and simply bowled full and straight. They must have dreaded seeing that flaming red hair running in at them! And yes you are a very, very good batsman, but at your age there is nothing wrong with being very good at both.
Then there is the finisher! Jude, you played two perfect innings to close out our batting in both game 1 and game 3. You read the situation perfectly on both occasions and did exactly what was needed. Your Man-of- the-Match performance in game 1 was very well deserved. With the ball, you helped swing game 3 back in our favour with a great bowling spell with Ollie. The game was getting away from us, but you pulled it back with unbelievably economical bowling. In fact you were our most economical bowler for the whole carnival!
Ollie, I will remember your Man-of-the-Match performance in game 3 for a very long time. You took control with both bat and ball. 19 runs from 9 overs slowed them down and your bowling spell with Jude ground them to a halt. Then you came out with the bat when that game was in the balance and helped steer us home with an unbeaten 38.....outstanding. Your bowling all week was excellent and you had them guessing the whole time (including one particular umpire who could not work it out at all, so he just called wide!). Your quick fire 27 late in game 1 also made a very big difference in a close game.
The tone for the whole carnival and our momentum for the week was set by Ben. The boys were looking at the turf pitch like it might bite them, but your opening innings on the first morning got us off to a flying start and the confidence in the team just built from there. A great 21 runs that came to an unlucky end. And despite suffering from ankle/achilles issues all week, your bowling in game 2 and the semi-final was beautiful to watch. You kept it super tight and made it very difficult for them to score.
Luc your Man-of-the-Match performance in game 2 was excellent. You opened the batting and stayed there till the job was done and we chased the runs we needed for the win. Great determination as always. And with the ball, you were as usual, completely dependable and economical. Game 1 was particularly outstanding with only 9 runs coming from 5 overs in the highest scoring game against us!

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