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Aidan J....need I say more than maiden century. You will never forget that innings. Keep that ball and place it somewhere special. What a huge personal achievement. On top of this, your 40 in game 1 was excellent and kept the score ticking over. Your bowling throughout the carnival was also outstanding, especially in games 1 and 2. You were one of our work horse bowlers, keeping it tight Keep it up, you will go a long way.
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy....what a true team player and a pleasure to have in any team. You bowled consistently well throughout and your bowling performance in the semi-final was outstanding. And no matter how hot it got out there you fielded like a demon, saving us plenty of runs. Never a complaint, never a grumble, you fielded wherever it was needed and did it exceptionally well. Great teamwork in game 1 to play through a bad headache when your team mates starting dropping through heat exhaustion.
And then there is Luca our captain. Thanks mate for leading the team through a tough 5 days. The boys wilted often but you picked them up. I really appreciate your leadership. Your innings with the bat in game 1 and game 3 made a huge difference. I will also never forget your efforts in the final to get Aidan J back on strike so he could get his ton before balls ran out. You took off like a hare and were happy to run yourself out so long as you crossed. Your bowling was also excellent, especially in game 2 and the semi-final. Tight and frustrating......just the way the opposition batsman hate it!
BUT, even more important than how the boys performed on the cricket field, is the way they bonded as a unit and became great mates and had loads of fun. I am sure there were times when they could have skipped the cricket and just headed straight to the pool. The boys didn’t all know each other before this week, but it didn’t take long. There were no ego’s, no friction, just great fun. I hope they remember this trip for a long time!
And thanks to all the parents (and grandparents) for all your support. Thanks for the umpiring, the scoring, the washing of clothes, the lunch runs and the laughs. I particularly enjoyed the daily debriefs by the pool or at the Longyard. Thanks for letting your champion boys be part of the team and taking the time off to drive to Tamworth and back!
But I have to save the biggest thanks to Lara. These carnivals do not organise themselves, so a HUGE thanks to you Lara for all your time and effort.
So to all of you.....boys, parents and support crew.....a thanks for a very memorable week away that was hugely enjoyable! See you all next year in Armidale!!!
Rob Hanich Coach
Relaxing poolside at Abraham Lincoln Motel Our U15 Tamworth team with coach Rob and Manager Lara

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