Page 32 - West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club Yearbook 2014-15
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Our Under 8’s had their first chance to play ‘real’ cricket this season and for both last season’s Kanga players, and newcomers, it was a great success.
This season we fielded four teams, Gold, Green, Red and Blue and had a wonderful bunch of parents who stepped up as Coaches, Managers, Scorers and supporters in many capacities.
From all reports, the boys had a fantastic time, and it was great to watch their skills and match craft – those simple things like backing up the throws, sliding bats into the crease etc – develop enormously throughout the season.
Especially pleasing to see on a sombre day, was how involved the boys became in taking the time to mark the passing of Phillip Hughes, something which demonstrated the bond cricketers share as a family of sportspeople, and the boys all showed their respects and learnt much from the occasion.
One of the fantastic sights whilst watching these young players is the wicket celebrations which seemed to grow in stature throughout the season with team mates converging at speed from all corners to celebrate with each other! There was also so much joy shared amongst them with a win, but plenty of respect for opposition players, a great nursery for future Club men!
We all look forward to more wicket celebrations, runs scored and grass stained whites next season and hope everyone returns to take on the Under 9’s.
Steve Burrows
U/8 Age Co-ordinator

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