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Coordinating a team of volunteers can be challenging; people are busy, they have lives, they get sick, they travel, they work and they have families to support, however they still find time to support vulnerable people in our local community, without question or hesitation.
We are incredibly fortunate to have over 150 volunteers supporting around 2,000 people in the community either in their homes, public housing or residential aged care homes and adding value and meaning to their lives.
Our volunteers “host” our Connected Cafes, weekly at Avalon, Narrabeen, Dee Why, Forest Way and Balgowlah. We have up to a dozen people attend our Connected Cafes, who really seem to enjoy the conversation and banter.
Patti, who is picked up each week to attend a Connected Cafe by one of volunteers said, “We have made her life worth living again.” She loves the outing and social connection of the group who meet weekly at Frank’s in Avalon.
With the assistance of a small army of volunteers, we are still collaborating with One Meal and delivering 3–4 meals, plus fresh fruit, vegetables and bread to between 12 - 15 CCNB customers each week.
Additionally, our volunteers support our older customers and people with a disability to get the most out of life.
  Volunteer, Dot, (above) is one of our Community Champions
Our volunteers play a key role in extending our reach into the community. Through their wonderful support we are able to help a much larger cohort than would normally be possible.
In the new year, CCNB will be delivering an expanded and renamed initiative called the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) which was developed in response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.
The ACVVS is a free service that aims to:
Provide friendship and companionship to older people Help develop social connections

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