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    Chris Liell-Cock CHAIR OF THE BOARD
It is an honour to Chair the Board of CCNB. It is an organisation that at its core is focused on improving the lives of the people and communities it serves through delivering an authentic and genuine commitment to quality care, expert support, and an increased sense of belonging and connection.
 I am proud of our achievements over the last 12 months and would like to provide a massive thanks to our team.
This includes our staff, our volunteers, our providers, our partners, our management team, and my fellow Board members (who are also volunteers) - for their passion, commitment, and everything they have done to look after our customers during this time.
Emerging from the pandemic and returning to business as usual, brought with it some difficult realities. Realities faced by many businesses, including loss of experienced staff and the all- important networks and referral pathways that were in place pre-COVID.
But with challenges, come opportunities. Next year CCNB will turn 30. As we head towards this significant milestone, it seems only appropriate to reflect on our achievements and apply a sharpened strategic lens to our vision for the future. It is important to think about what the next 30 years might hold for us as we use feedback to rebuild and remodel our service offering for what lies ahead.
During the year, we welcomed our new CEO, Kaz Dawson, who I wish to personally thank for her leadership, visionary ideas, strength, and passion for the work we do.
She inherited an organisation that had made, and continues to make, significant investment in future growth - both through mergers and acquisitions, staff development and supportive technology.
In the short time Kaz has been with us, she has helped to shape our future vision and has significantly improved the culture at CCNB, for which I am truly grateful.
I am proud of the organisation that we now represent and the impact that we have, not only locally, but across the Country. This year we supported over 2,500 people in our programs and delivered over 200,000 hours of service with the assistance of over 250 service provider partners and 150 volunteers.
CCNB continues to make a difference to the lives of its customers and the community, evident from increasing participant

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