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involvement in community and social activities, like the Belong Club and Dying to Know Day events.
Through our Community Capital Foundation, we supported other grassroots organisations, helping them to build capability and capacity to positively impact others. We used staff expertise to host and run a significant mental health fundraising event, supporting the growing teen mental health issue on the northern beaches and further afield.
This increasing demand for mental health support saw The Way Back program helping over twice as many customers as the previous year.
Our GP Social Work team provided support to complex and vulnerable patients referred through GPs, with a two-fold increase in the number of referrals from outside the northern beaches LGA, further expanding the service footprint of CCNB.
Considerable work has gone into improving our disability and aged care services, from adapting our model of care to providing a more specialised team of care coordinators and having a stronger community presence.
This is reflected in our continued strong delivery of services along our top-line, which converted into a positive bottom-line outcome, however with our significant investment in systems, processes, and people to achieve our future objectives, this resulted in a small loss for the year.
We know the aged care landscape is facing a ‘once in a generation’ reform and we will need to evolve our independent coordination service model to ensure future financial viability in the sector.
Additionally, we are taking steps to better service our NDIS customers through an improved model of care, as we await the recommendations of the NDIS Review.
As an organisation we are committed to helping others, as well as building a stronger community together. As we approach our 30th year, we will unveil more of our plans for the future.
Chris Liell-Cock, CCNB Chairperson
As part of the improvement to CCNB’s systems and processes, as well as in preparation for the new reforms coming for aged care, we have been building a new provider platform which is in the final stages of development.
One of the key benefits the platform will provide is an interface allowing a direct link between our care circles and our providers, reducing the amount of back and forth that’s sometimes needed to confirm a customer’s services. It also gives us much greater visibility of the services as they happen in a customer’s home.
There are numerous other benefits that come with the platform from faster payment of invoices, to direct messaging functions and the use of a care worker app to record visits and detail customer care notes.
The platform will also help address the increasing requirement placed on independent providers to have strong governance measures in place prior to the roll-out of the new aged care reforms.

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