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   Having joined CCNB just prior to the commencement of this financial year, and with so much change and opportunity across the community services landscape, a key focus of FY23 has been listening and learning, to help prepare for the future.
In November, we launched a new Strategic Plan that had been wholly informed by our customers, team members, providers and partners. I am grateful that all our stakeholders were so generous in their feedback, and helped us understand how we can support them to have a meaningful impact.
As CCNB prepares to celebrate 30 years of service, and continues to evolve over the coming years, this goal will remain a cornerstone of how we measure our success. Through this process, we identified the need for some operational and structural changes, and are investing our efforts, energy and funds into four key priorities:
Reinforcing our Foundational Capabilities Our People
Increasing our Quality and Impact Reaching more people, in more places, in more ways
I firmly believe the progress we have already made is due to the shared commitment of our employees, the leadership team and the Board.
It is only through working together that we have already been able to achieve so much, including:
Improving our ‘Care Circle’ model to better align the expertise of our specialist disability and aged care teams with the needs of our customers
Refining our organisational structure to
provide more opportunities for our team to develop their skills and careers here at CCNB Streamlining the development of CCNB’s new Service Provider Platform which will improve care coordination governance and processes in readiness for the Aged Care Reforms Strengthening our relationships with key referrers and partners to build stronger community connection
Investing in better understanding the drivers and levers in our business that can inform future financial decisions
Taking steps toward gaining Suicide Prevention Accreditation
As we look to the future, there is no doubt change will be the constant force impacting our sector, however with change comes so many opportunities. CCNB’s dynamic team have highly specialised expertise, and we are supported by an army of capable provider partners and willing volunteers. We remain in a strong financial position, committed to investing in shaping our own future and the community. We have almost thirty years’ experience in enabling individuals and communities to grow, connect, and feel supported, and I look forward to continuing that journey in existing and new ways.
Kaz Dawson - Chief Executive Officer
           Kaz Dawson
Chief Executive Officer

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