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Things to Keep in Mind

       Some of your clients may not be technologically inclined or may just have less
       experience with technology - so if you can give them advanced notice and a little
       guidance on how to navigate when they receive the review your request; then
       your odds of successfully landing a review will improve. Also, some will not have
       accounts with any of the desired review site options sent - some may be open to
       quickly establishing an account, and some will not. As a fall back, your client can
       leave feedback on the reviews website which is then promoted through the
       badge and feed on your site as well as on social media.
         Review Stars Dashboard Basics

       This area provides a snapshot of new reviews received on the linked sites,
       positive vs. negative, and specific sites from which we are aggregating at
       the bottom of screen.

       From here you can respond to reviews or manually park reviews so that they are
       not posted to your landing page or social media sites. Reviews that are 3 stars or
       less will be parked automatically.

       This is the area from which we can manage efforts to generate reviews by reaching
       out to both new and former clients via text and email.

       From this area that we can add review site monitoring, customize our review
       request templates, edit review website and manage review sharing.

       Squares Icon at Top of Screen
       Check In - Send out review requests here***
       Write a Review - Used for in-person / on-premise purposes
       Review Profile - This is your search friendly reviews landing page
       Review URL - You may send this direct review link to someone if you prefer

       ***Be Sure to Add the Check-in Link Shortcut to                      R
       your Home Screen and to Favorites on all devices***

       Please reach out to your representative    Give Your Business More Star Power
       or email for assistance.
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