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Tennis is a major summer sport where all boys have the opportunity to develop their skills and compete in matches. Training starts in the Lent Term at the Warwick Boat Club where our staff are assisted by the Head Coach, Gavin Henderson. In the Summer Term tennis is a Games option and boys have regular opportunities to compete in fixtures against other schools and in inter-House matches. The School has recently achieved success at the highest level with our U13 team making the National Finals (top four in the country) and both U13 and U15 teams regularly finishing in the top 16. The school is one of few in the country to regularly be able to put out A, B and C teams at all age groups.
Year Group(s): All Year Groups
Water Polo
Water Polo is a dynamic team game. Teams play through all year groups in school and the school has won ESSA national titles at U16 and U18 age groups. Why not come along and get involved?
Year Group(s): All Year Groups
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