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 Drama Workshop -
Middle/Upper School
Open to everyone from Year 8 upwards, this workshop develops improvisation skills and small projects for performance.
Year Group(s): 8, 9, 10
Year 7 Drama Club
Led by Miss Ray, this weekly practical workshop will develop all your drama skills and lead to a wide range of small-scale performances.
Year Group(s): 7
LAMDA Examinations
For Lower and Middle School boys, we offer the opportunity to gain graded examinations in Drama through LAMDA. Please speak to the department for more information. Sessions are likely to take place at lunchtime and/or after school on Wednesdays.
Year Group(s): 7, 8, 9
Life Drawing
Life Drawing allows students to massively develop their observational drawing skills in a range of materials. We work directly from the model in a way that millions of great artists did in the past. We cover lots of different techniques at a fast pace with impressive results. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. We alternate models each half term.
Year Group(s): L6, U6
Mural Makers is a fun, messy and massive art making opportunity. We take huge canvases, stain them with bright and exciting acrylics and then project, spray paint or print huge figures on top. Each student gets to design their own canvas, on rotation, using the members of the group to help create their design.
Year Group(s): 7, 8
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