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Martin Westley Speaking is an Atlanta-based design and production firm, specializing in providing inspired design solutions. As a boutique agency, we have purposefully remained small in order to focus on timely and personalized service to our clients.
A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Martin has professional experience as a Design Director for many respected firms.
Patti Willard has worked in many design environments and was the founding executive director for the Graphic Design Guild for Atlanta.
For 33-1/3 years, the Martin Westley Speaking team has provided design solutions that exceed client quality and performance expectations. As specialized generalists and flexible perfectionists, working in intimate partnership with our clients, we have become valued as their “secret agency.”
Though my favorite project is the NEXT project, in celebration of 33-1/3 years, we remember 33 favorite designs (or so... in alphebetical order), plus a couple vintage tunes. Our syncopated design history highlights that design is design. The “A Soaring
Tribute...” was from Turner Broadcasting when I turned 50. An emulation of the first campaign we developed for TNT – “Amelia Earhart – The Final Flight” movie in
1994. Now... at 65, I wonder what 78 will be...

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