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The Secret Agency
Giving New Strength to Specialty Care
Outstanding specialty care takes constant innovation and dedication. These core values set Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals apart and enable us to offer an industry-leading portfolio of products and support healthcare providers and their patients require.
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals combines the strengths of Bayer and Berlex, two recognized leaders in pharmaceuticals. We are dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing specialty care products that help improve human health. Our company ranks among the top 10 specialty pharmaceutical companies worldwide and is differentiated by our focus on innovation and customer orientation.
We will lead the industry by focusing our research and development efforts in five distinct areas:
• Diagnostic Imaging
• Hematology/Cardiology
• Oncology
• Specialized Therapeutics
• Women’s Healthcare
We will continue to provide brands from both companies, using their original brand names. And, we remain committed to providing therapies that meet high standards of quality, safety and efficacy.
Our Portfolio

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