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Being a a a a a a a Leader is about how you behave towards others and situations The Leadership Behaviours are the the actions that make someone effective and inspiring as a a a a a a a a a Leader For us at at OLX OLX Group Group we have defined eight OLX OLX Group Group Leadership Behaviours to to support our our global purpose and to clarify the expectations we have of our our Leaders Behaviors are visible and felt by
others therefore they can be observed and developed further They are meant to help us lead our our teams our our organisation and solve problems for our customers They are meant to to to to act as as a a a a a a a a a compass to to to to guide us us towards being the best leaders we can be be The section below will take you through each of the the 8 Leadership Behaviours You will see the the overall definition of each behaviour behaviour and some accompanying behavioural indicators in in in in in other words things you would most commonly see in in in in in someone demonstrating a a a a given behaviour at at work 

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