Page 31 - Black Range Naturalist Vol 3 No 3 July 2020
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in late March.) Cane Cholla, like many other cactus, will reproduce from a segment of stem which is separated from the main plant as well as from seed. Cylindropuntia leptocaulis, looks like a miniature version of the Cane Cholla; the two species hybridize.
NM-152. Its western terminus is along the crest of the Black Range. From this point the Black Range Crest Trail may be taken north to Hillsboro Peak or south to Sawyers Peak. (See the October 2019 issue of this magazine for an article on the natural history of the trail to Sawyers Peak.)
Hillsboro Peak

5. Earthstars (genera Astraeus and/or Geastrum) litter the ground in places. Some interesting fungi for a dry place.
This trail is east-west in orientation and is just north of
Sawyers Peak

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