Page 33 - Walks In The Black Range, Vol. 4
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 that one and shortly thereafter the highway guardrail came into view and the canyon made a right turn towards a culvert and its uppermost branch on the north side of NM 152.
Walking down Southwest Canyon is much the same, if a bit less claustrophobic. The hike in the stream-bed was mostly clear with a trickle of water in a few spots. Unfortunately there were very few deciduous trees, save for a few small
oaks and lone cottonwood, so if you are looking for an easy spot to see a bit of fall color, go upstream rather than down.
Still it’s a pleasant enough walk passing through the layers of limestone, shale and sandstone. There was one old mine, that was flooded at the bottom of its shaft, but little else to show that people come here or came here in any numbers.
 Upon reaching the fence just a short way up from the Forest Service's Kingston Work Center, it seemed like a logical place to turn around, which is exactly what we did.

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