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  8. Forest Trail 135
This route starts at Tierra Blanca Road and (arguably) terminates at the Black Range Crest Trail north of Sawyer’s Peak. Trail conditions in the Black Range, since the Silver Fire, are problematic. Although the walk described here is fairly straight forward (at about 4.5 miles round-trip) it is unclear what the upper portions of the trail may be like. The junction with the Crest Trail is certainly not apparent at the upper end.
The nature of this trail is a bit more problematic. Although there is a trail 135 which heads east from the Sawyers Peak Trail (Black Range Crest Trail) maps show that it terminates on a bluff above where the trail described here ends (according to maps). See All Trails map to the right.
The trail head is about 12 miles from NM-27 on a dirt road which gets progressively worse as you proceed. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. The maps for trail 134 show the route to the trail head for this walk, the star on the bottom map indicates the trailhead for Forest Trail 135.
1. The portion of this trail which is described in this walk is knock-down gorgeous. The photo below was taken at the start of the walk.

Trail End
Trail End

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