Page 78 - Walks In The Black Range, Vol. 4
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  The bird species found along this trail are typical of the area and include Loggerhead Shrike, Black-throated Sparrow, Northern Harrier, and various wrens.
The route shown earlier does not cover the established trail exactly. The northern half of the route depicted follows an arroyo which the formal trail crosses not far from the start (or end) of the trail. The established trail is roughly 1.9 miles long. Two loops making for a 4 mile walk is easily done, and if you are a runner this is a good trail for that.
K. The photograph below was taken along the trail just before the arroyo. The light-colored rectangle just below the skyline, right of center, is the ciénega. The flora and fauna of this area are of the Chihuahuan Desert. City of Rocks State Park is at the western fringe of the area covered by the Black Range website and just barely included in the focus area of this publication.
The Ciénega Trail is a nice outing, but not at midday in June. Remember, there is no shade along this route.

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