Page 1 - DMEA Week 02 2021
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Issue 472              14•January•2021                     Week 02

                    ™     ™Another year, no law

                            Industry observers are keen to see the Petroleum Industry Bil passed soon –
                            and are also coming forward with criticism of the bill now under discussion.

                    ™     ™Saudi sacrifice

                            Saudi Arabia has voluntarily offered to remove 1mn bpd of oil supply from the
                            market in February and March.

                    ™     ™Egyptian gas drive

                            Egypt has launched a loan scheme to encourage motorists to convert their vehicles
                            to run on natural gas.

                    ™     ™Nigeria seeks refining funds

                            Nigeria is in talks with traders on a $1bn prepayment deal to fund the
                            rehabilitation of its largest oil refinery.
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