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Issue 263              13•August•2020                     Week 32

                    ™     ™Siemens’ targets for Nigeria

                            The heavily indebted distribution sector is the key challenge to expanding
                            Nigeria’s grid capacity to 25,000MW by 2025, says Siemens

                    ™     ™Soft loans

                            MDMs are set to play a crucial role in supporting the recovery after the
                            COVID-19 crisis, aiming for environmental and economic resilience

                    ™     ™Grid study

                            Ncondezi Energy has submitted a transmission study for its 300MW coal-
                            fired power project in Mozambique’s Tete Province

                    ™     ™State capture

                            Leading figures named in Eskom’s list of figures involved in Gupta-era state
                            capture have deied involvement in corruption
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