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            travel controls started to lift in June​, reports Jooble, the Kyiv-based job search engine that aggregates international job postings. As of Monday, there were 9,631 vacancies targeted for Ukrainians. Top offerings at the top three countries were: Poland - packers, handymen, tailors, drivers, and builders; Germany - caregivers, tilers, plumbers, electricians, and packers; the Czech Republic - maids, welders, electricians, and drivers.
The bulk of the 756,548 Ukrainians who got first time residency in the EU last year went to Poland – 79%.​ Spreading into the Baltics and around Central Europe, Ukrainians accounted for the top nationality of foreign workers granted residency in eight EU nations: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In contrast to the fast growth of Ukrainians, EU ‘initial residence permits’ issued to all nationalities for all reasons increased last year by 6%, to 3mn.
Ukrainians spent about $150mn last year to buy 3,200 apartments in Poland,​ making Ukrainians the largest foreign investor group in Polish residential real estate. The calculations were made by, based on data from Poland’s Interior and Administration Ministry. Ukrainians buy apartments to live in. Germans, the second largest foreign investor nationality, buy apartments as investments, reports PAP, the Polish Press Agency.
  4.5.2​ Nominal wages dynamics
   Real wages were up 8% y/y in November, reports the State Statistics Service. ​Nationally, the average nominal wage was $404. In Kyiv, the wage was 54% higher -- $622. Nationwide, the biggest regional increases were: Luhansk and Chernivsti + 21%; Ternopil and Mykolaiv + 20%; Khmelnytsky and Rivne +18.5%; Ivano-Frankivsk and Kherson +18%), and Sumy and Kirovohrad +15%. The average monthly nominal wage amounted to UAH11,987 a month ($423), declining from UAH12,174 in October, or 2.8% m/m in real terms.
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