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In The Year 2021…. if man is still alive…..

        It won’t be due to the most depraved, corrupt, incompetent Tory Cunts in History

                               Created by Tommy King with

        If you are offended by bad language or don't understand that I can use the same phrase……..
        "get tae fuck ya cunt" as a term of endearment and also an expression of anger then stop reading now..

        I’ll start with a short introduction to myself. I have never written or published any book but last year I started
        work on my own autobiography as a personal project.

        I grew up in a small mining village, Gorebridge, outside Edinburgh. My Politics would be described as Left Wing
        and  I  have  despised  Tory  governments  and  Thatcher  with  a  passion  all  my  life.  I  am  now  a  very  staunch
        Scottish National Party supporter. But what does Left Wing or Right Wing really mean?

        To me it’s simple – Left Wing equates to desiring a fairer caring society for all – Right Wing equates to desiring
        to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Don’t get me wrong I have been in the “Champagne Socialist”
        category through my own hard work and efforts on several occasions but I have also been in the gutter more
        times than a Leith hookers knickers.
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