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2nd Semester only 1/2 credit Grades 11, 12 Req: Digital Media 332 and permission of instructor
This course will build on concepts introduced in Digital Media involving digital video production by providing design theory and hands-on camera technique and editing. Students will practice the production process from live shoot to final edit and learn how scripts, storyboards, and short animation sequences are developed. The Digital Media course that precedes this is a mandatory requirement.
Year 1 Credit Grade 12 Req: A total of at least 2 1⁄2 credits in Art. In addition, an application must be submitted.
Students will engage in structured and independent projects to complete the requirements for College Board AP credit. Students will create a thematic portfolio of work known as a Sustained Investigation. Throughout portfolio development students will be required to document their ideas, practice and experimentations in a series of writing and sketchbook entries. Students should be self-motivated and able to dedicate time outside of class to complete projects. Group discussions and critiques will occur throughout the course.
It is the expectation that students submit an appropriate AP portfolio for review in May.
Semester 1⁄2 Credit Grades 9, 10, 11,12
This course is for students with no previous instrumental music experience. Emphasis for this class will be mainly on development of basic technical skills such as tone production, breath control, and basic music theory. Other topics covered will be care and maintenance of the instrument, ensemble playing, teamwork, and critical thinking aspects of musicality. Instruments are provided by availability.
Semester 1⁄2 Credit Grades 9, 10, 11
Introduction to Band is offered to musicians with no previous band class experience. Emphasis for this class will be mainly on development of basic technical skills, such as tone production, break control, and music reading. Students will also be taught how to incorporate the musical decisions involved with creating a great performance. Other topics covered will be care/maintenance of an instrument, ensemble playing, teamwork, and the critical thinking aspects of musicality, including (but not limited to) sight-reading and improvisation.
Year 1 Credit Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Req: Audition and Director’s approval
Symphonic Band is open to advanced woodwind, brass, and percussion players. The symphonic band performs four major concerts each year and represents the school at festivals and at OMEA district/state solo and ensemble contests. Attendance at all concerts, as well as festivals, contests, and school performances is required of all Symphonic Band members. Members are exposed to a wide variety of serious musical literature from all major periods of composition. This group will go on an elementary school tour in the spring.
Year 1 Credit Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Req: Winds and Percussion - audition and Director’s approval
Orchestra is open to all string performers and selected wind and percussion players. Members are required to perform in four major concerts, OMEA contests, string festivals, public events and school performances. This group will go on tour to local elementary schools in the spring. Wind and percussion players are also required to be members of Orchestra Winds.

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