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SUMMER MATH REVIEW: Every student who plans to enter or return to Padua for a new academic year will be required to take part in the school-sponsored “Summer Math Review Program.” Specific assignments for each upcoming course will be posted on the Padua website. Answers will be posted prior to the start of the new school term and questions will be addressed the first week of classes. The students will be assessed on these assignments during the second week of classes (end of August). The grades received on these tests are included in the student’s first quarter Mathematics grade.
All students are placed by the department in one of the following sequences based on previous grades and standardized test scores. Students can be moved from one sequence to the other only at the recommendation of the teacher and with department approval
HONORS SEQUENCE: These courses are intended for the superior math student. Students who have achieved A's or high B's in their previous math courses will be considered for this sequence. Students will take Honors Analysis/ Introduction to Calculus in junior year and Advanced Placement/Honors Calculus in senior year. Students in this sequence will cover material in more depth and at an accelerated pace and will be prepared to take the Advanced Placement Calculus exam at the end of their senior year.
Students are expected to maintain at least a B- average each semester in their current Math course. Additionally, content scores on tests/quizzes will be evaluated by the teacher in order to maintain Honors status.
REGULAR SEQUENCE: This is the standard sequence for the majority of students. Following the regular sequence will provide students a solid four-year math program necessary for college admission.
ALTERNATE SEQUENCE: These courses are intended for those students who have difficulty with math. The content is the same as in the regular sequence. Activities and assessments are differentiated according to student needs. Students with a C- or lower in previous math classes will be considered for this sequence.
LSS SEQUENCE: see pgs. 59-60
Students taking Algebra IA as freshmen must complete the “Concepts in Intermediate Algebra” course in order to meet Ohio Department of Higher Education Core Requirements for college admission. (This is also the case for Division I & II, NCAA qualification.)
MyTrack Engineering (see page 9 for curriculum sequence)
MyTrack Engineering is meant to be a four-year program for students with a serious future career interest in the fields of engineering and who want to pursue a sound academic foundation for a college engineering program upon high school graduation. The MyTrack Engineering program requires involvement in provided enrichment activities (such as Engineering Club and Speaker Series) and a practical experience (Mock Interviews and External Shadowing).
A solid foundation in mathematics is essential to all fields of Engineering. All MyTrack Engineering students must attain at least Math Analysis during their senior year to be properly prepared for success with college-level Calculus I. Students beginning with Geometry as freshman, and all honors-level math students, should be able to attain Calculus their senior year. As to the sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are the minimum expectation.
There are many fields to explore in Engineering and some Padua courses can assist in that exploration. Undecided students should concentrate on Physics, at least Regular Physics senior year, although Honors Physics junior year should be the goal for those in the honors Math sequence.
MyTrack Engineering is fully compatible with the requirements of the MedTrack program. The recommendation for a music student (Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Chorale) is to complete the minimum two credits of the vocal or instrumental sequence in grades 9 and 10 prior to entering the MyTrack sequence. There is a pathway to enter MyTrack Engineering

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