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P.E. Options:
Strength and Agility Fitness
Physical Education SS (summer school)
  FRESHMEN Required:
Freshman Orientation
P.E. Options:
Strength and Agility Fitness (603 only) Physical Education SS (summer school)
Physical Education
P. E. Options:
Physical Education I & II Strength and Agility Fitness Physical Education SS (summer school)
In order to fulfill Ohio mandated graduation requirements, a student must complete 1/2 credit of Physical Education and 1/2 credit of Health. A student may take additional elective Physical Education courses during his/her junior or senior year. Physical Education classes include instruction in conditioning as well as recreational sports. Physical, mental, and social health is emphasized in the Health classes.
Padua Franciscan participates in the Ohio Department of Education Physical Education Waiver for qualified students. See page 43-44 below for details.
HEALTH (614)
Year (alternate days) 1/2 Credit Grade 10
This course fulfills the state requirement for health education. Students study the different body systems and their contribution to the function of the whole body. Basic anatomy and physiology, mental health, nutrition, disease defenses, first aid, and the effects of drugs are some of the topics studied.
Year (alternate days) 1/4 Credit Grade 11
The focus of Physical Education I is designed to increase the physical fitness of each student. The area of emphasis in this course will be personal wellness and lifelong fitness. Students will be introduced to a variety of activities including football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, and badminton. Students will also learn the fundamentals of skills, rules, and strategy in these activities. Evaluating achievement in physical education class includes skills tests, written tests, attitude, and class participation.
Year (alternate days) 1/4 Credit Grade 11/12 Req: Physical Education I
Physical Education II builds upon the skills learned in Physical Education I as well as introduces the student to new ones. Physical fitness, along with previous skills and game play, are the points of emphasis in this class. Students study and incorporate more in-depth individual and team strategies within game situations. Evaluation will include skills test, written tests, attitude, and class participation.
STRENGTH AND AGILITY FITNESS (602 First Semester) (603 Second Semester)
Semester 1/4 Credit Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 (M, T, Th, F 7:00 -7:41 a.m.) **Grade 9 may only take 603
Req: Permission of instructor and a completed OHSAA physical examination card dated within six months of the first class This course meets before school except for Wednesdays. The course may be taken for one or both semesters (it is not

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