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i. “Full season” compliance will be confirmed either by the Athletic Director or the Marching Band Director.
c. If a student opts out of the waiver before completing the two full seasons, they must complete the standard two required units of PE. (The Waiver cannot be combined – one sport + one PE.)
i. Students not completing their two-season waiver by the end of their sophomore year must meet with their counselor. They may be required to complete the standard two units of PE prior to earning their diploma.
6) Students who enjoy participation in the Before School Strength & Agility Fitness courses (602 and/or 603) should not apply for the waiver as they would earn no credit for these classes. Consult with your counselor as to the best course of action.
120 logged hours of activity and evaluation 1⁄4 Credit Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Req: Specific Application format and approval by the Principal
This is a program established under Ohio Law for Credit Flexibility which permits students to participate in intense physical activity, such as competitive dance or non-OHSAA gymnastics, and earn high school credit for their
involvement. Before considering this option, students should definitely consult with their assigned counselor. The application process includes submitting detailed worksheets, required by the Ohio Department of Education, specifying compliance with the five established Ohio Standards for Physical Education and for each established Benchmark within each Standard. These worksheets must indicate the activity, how it will be trained, and how it will be assessed for compliance with the Standards. A normal Physical Education credit encompasses a minimum of 120 hours of instruction, activity, and assessment; this proposal must do the same (approximately an hour daily over 24 weeks). The proposal should be worked out with the student’s principal instructor/coach, whose name and contact information should also appear on the application in case there are questions.
Upon completion of the proposal, the paperwork will be presented by the student’s counselor to the Principal for review and approval. (A member of the Physical Education faculty will be appointed for this review and will be the “teacher of record”toultimatelyreviewthecompleted120hoursdocumentationandtoassigncredit,iftheplanisapproved.) Thereis no exact timeframe in which this process should be completed, but a tentative timeframe – e.g. a full season of competition – should be provided with the proposal.
This process may be repeated, upon approval by the Principal, for a second unit of credit. This course is Pass/Fail and will not be counted towards the student’s GPA.

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