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   Pine Valley Mountain
435 652-3100
Pine Valley Ranger District
196 E Tabernacle, Ste 40, St George
Located north of St. George, the Pine Valley Recreation Area offers a nice place for relaxing and enjoying the cool realms of the forest. In addition, there’s the opportunity to fish for rainbow and brook trout at nearby Pine Valley Reservoir. There’s also fishing upstream and downstream in the Santa Clara River. An abundance of nearby trails allow access into the Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness Area, a region rich in pine, aspen, fir, and spruce. Horseback riding and camping are also available.
Tonaquint Nature Center
435 627-4590
1851 S Dixie Dr, St George
                                  An oasis of nature in the heart of St. George, Tonaquint is located just west of Southgate
  Golf Course and offers outdoor educational programs for all ages. For an updated list of monthly topics and programs, please contact the Nature Center, Recreation Center or City of St. George event calendar. Enjoy nature up close!
         Red Cliffs
Desert Reserve
435 634-5759
10 N 100 East St George
  This 62,000 acres scenic wildlife reserve was set aside to protect the desert tortoise and other rare and sensitive plants and animals. The Reserve contains the most northern populations of the Mojave Desert Tortoise,
Gila monster, sidewinder rattlesnake, and chuckwalla— reptiles typically associated with hotter and more southerly deserts, like the Mojave. The conditions in the region are such that several species exist here that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Located just north
of St. George on Skyline Drive, the reserve also protects the scenic red rock backdrop. The 130 miles of multi-use trails are popular for hiking, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and seasonal hunting. Camping is also available.
        Tonaquint Nature Center
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

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