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                 HIKING & BIKING 31
                              Southern Utah offers thousands of miles of scenic trails to explore—including 30 miles of trails in St. George’s citywide trail system. It offers both paved and natural surface trails to accommodate a wide range of users. See page 29 for a complete map of area trails.
Trail User’s Guide
General User Guidelines
City Trails are open to non-motorized users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and skaters. If you follow simple guidelines, everyone will enjoy themselves safely.
Pedestrian Guide
Avoid conflicts by keeping to the right of the trail. Pedestrians have the right of way over bicycles, but should allow them to pass safely. When you see or hear a bicyclist approaching from the front or rear, pass the word to everyone in the group so no one accidentally steps in front of a moving bicycle.
Bicyclist Guide
Bicyclists must yield to ALL other trail users. The speed limit
is 20 m.p.h. on all trails unless otherwise posted. On paved trails bicyclists must keep to the right unless passing. Caution is required whenever passing. Slow your speed to pass safely and dismount and walk your bike when necessary. The terrain, surfacing, and width of the trail will dictate your behavior. Let pedestrians know you are ready to pass by giving an audible warning.
Skaters Guide
Skaters (including skateboarders, inline, and roller skaters) must yield to pedestrians and not exceed 20 m.p.h. unless otherwise posted. Keep to the right unless passing. Let pedestrians know you are ready to pass by giving an audible warning.
Helmets and wrist protection are recommended for all skaters (other protection includes knee and elbow pads).
                                                                                                       Trail Rules
• No motorized traffic.
• No fires or firearms.
• No alcoholic beverages.
• Stay on trails; do not take short cuts.
• Littering is prohibited.
• Pets must be leashed and waste removed.
• No soliciting or sales.
• Speed limit is 20 m.p.h. • Obey all posted signs.
                                                                For a complete map of area Hiking Trails see page 30 or go to then click on City Trails.
St. George Parks Division
435 627-4530

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