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                    BOATING & CAMPING 33
For a state with vast stretches of desert, Utah has a surprising number of lakes and reservoirs. In fact, Utah is ranked
sixth in the U.S. for the amount of boatable
water per capita.
The waters of Utah are
wonderfully diverse. Boating experiences range from
houseboat vacations on sprawling Lake Powell to fishing boat trips on small, high mountain lakes.
Some popular southern Utah boating areas include:
Lake Powell is our most popular boating water. It offers sunny skies, sandy beaches, scenic canyons, and excellent opportunities
for skiing, fishing, and personal watercraft.
Quail Creek Reservoir is an extremely popular water playground near St. George. It is great for power boating and water sports. Fishing is good during the winter.
Sand Hollow Reservoir is rapidly becoming one of the most popular. It is set amid sand dunes and rocky cliffs, which provide gorgeous scenery and fun play areas. Fishing is good, but power boaters dominate, so fishermen usually choose to hit the water very early.
State Park Reservations 800-322-3770
With over 7,000 improved campsites and virtually unlimited primitive camping, few states can compete with the variety of camping opportunities found in Utah.
Some of the favorite camping areas in Southern Utah include:
Boulder Mountain - One of the largest high-elevation plateaus in the United States, Boulder Mountain is dotted with numerous lakes, excellent scenery, and unlimited primitive camping opportu- nities.
                                                                                                                                                                                     To search for campgrounds and view facilities available at each campground go to:
                                       Bryce Canyon National Park - An enchanting destination with uncommon beauty. The park offers many excellent trails for hiking and horseback riding.
Coral Pink Sand Dunes - This park offers spectacular contrasts of red rock cliffs, blue skies, pine trees, and a sweeping 3,000 acres expanse of sand dunes.
Lake Powell/Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - With thousands of miles of shoreline, the lake is unsurpassed for boat camping.
Snow Canyon State Park - Red and white sandstone cliffs capped by black lava rock offer excellent hiking, camping, and photographic opportunities.
Zion National Park - Towering canyon walls and sculpted monolithic mountains await you at Zion National Park.
                BOATING & CAMPING

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