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                                                                         Steven Cress

                                                                         December 5 @ 8am

                                                                         2024: A Rotation

                                                                         Out of the



          As a quant expert, Steven Cress has traveled the world, studying

          and analyzing data and speaking with people to identify trends to make

          transparent predictions in the course of investment management. His work is

          the foundation of Seeking Alpha’s Quant Rating system, performing the heavy

          lifting so investors save time interpreting data. Steve is an innovator who wants

          investors to take the emotion out of investing. By making sense of numbers

          using advanced technologies, Steve developed an easy-to-understand

          grading system for buy and sell stock recommendations that is updated

          daily. his keynotes are suitable for podcasts, webinars, financial forums,

          investment leadership events, and broader, public-facing events.
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