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Sky House, Waverley
Back in ovember Chancellor Philip Hammond gave the property sector a major boost when he announced the immediate removal of stamp duty for  rsthtime buyers on purchases up to £300,000 and nothing on the  rst £300,000 of a home valued up to £500,000 
In addition, he pledged a substantial amount of money to the new homes market in terms of funding for new homes, SME house builders, planning and workforce training in this year’s Budget.
The new homes sector is something that we have been working hard to develop at Redbrik over the last couple of years. One of our key people on the New Homes side
is Peter Lee and with more than
20 years’ experience working in
the property industry he is still as passionate as ever about this sector.
His vast knowledge and the detailed understanding gained from research and feedback from Redbrik’s own applicant database, helps Peter to
work with developers in creating new homes that meet the ever-changing demands of the home buyers.
It has been clear for some time that housing supply is not keeping up with the additional demand generated by rising life expectancy, immigration and the growing number of one- person households.
Estimates put the need for additional housing in England at between 232,000 to 300,000 new units per year, a level not reached since the late 1970s and two to three times current supply.
It is very important that the right type of properties are built in the right locations and the Government has introduced new plans to ensure local councils start to meet the demand in their areas.
There is a new standardised way of calculating housing demand to
re ect current and future housing pressures. Every local area will need to produce a realistic plan and review it at least every  ve years.
Currently 40 per cent of local planning authorities do not have
an up to date plan that meets the projected growth in households in their area. Fixing this will help make sure enough land is released for new homes to be built in the parts of the country where people want to live and work and ensure developments take heed of local people’s wishes.
This is particularly important in both Chester eld and She eld where there has not been enough housing supplied, especially in the South West area of She eld.
Peter Lee said “New Homes is a
very exciting part of my job and the estate agency sector in general. I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to in uence a property that will become somebody’s home.

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