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which outlines some of the key considerations you should be ticking o  your checklist as you become
a new Landlord, plus some useful information for existing Landlords too!
1. As a  rst step I would always recommend talking to a letting agent about which areas and types of property would be ideal for letting.
I know this sounds suspect, but genuinely we won’t only recommend the properties for sale with us! At Redbrik we are happy to search the entire market and  nd a property that will be in high demand and suit your needs.
2. Once you have bought the property it is your responsibility to get it in great condition ready for
your Tenants. Successful Landlords will spend money on a good kitchen and bathroom. Double glazing is a must, and the house must be freshly decorated with good carpets.
There must be no sign of damp or poor quality workmanship. If you have bought an apartment, then
it is probably necessary to furnish with the main items. If it is a house then we are  nding the trend is to leave it unfurnished, though we would recommend leaving in the main appliances in the kitchen
such as integrated hob and oven plus a fridge/freezer and a washing machine.
3. Viewings are an important part of the process. At Redbrik we o er you the opportunity to meet potential
Being a Landlord sounds like a simple enough job -  nd a good buy-to-
let opportunity, let it to some good Tenants and collect the rental income each month.
However, as a Landlord, you have a number of responsibilities to
your Tenants, many of them legal requirements, which can make the job more complicated than you might’ve  rst imagined.
To help you out, our very own Peter Lee, who is responsible to Redbrik Lettings, has prepared this guide

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