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than 40 people and we are marking our  fth birthday by also celebrating a HUGE success.
Redbrik has been voted the 16th best estate agency in the UK by The Best Estate Agent Guide 2018. The awards, which are supported by Rightmove and the Property Academy, are aiming to become the ‘Michelin Guide’ for estate agents and represent a massive achievement for our growing business.
I suppose it is testament to our drive and determination to continually improve that after the initial
euphoria we immediately wanted to understand how we could have done better and indeed how we can go on to be the number one in the UK.
Being the inaugural awards, we were not even sure how it had been judged and what we had done to impress.
So upon learning that it is was a 50/50 combination of how we perform
on the industry’s biggest and most important web portal, Rightmove and mystery shops, we were even more fascinated by the results. The areas they focused on were as follows:
• How well properties are marketed on Rightmove and perform on Rightmove.
[As measured by Rightmove]
• Actual delivery of the sale or let. Time taken for the listing to go to SSTC and does it actually complete.
[As measured by Rightmove]
• How good is the customer experience on contacting the agent via email and telephone? [As measured by Property Academy mystery shops]
This was done over a 12-month period that involved performance analysis of:
• Over 25,000 branches
• 1 million properties listed at any
point in time
• 3 million transactions
• 50 million leads
• 3 billion property views • 30,000 mystery shops
It is January 3, 2013 and I am sitting looking at Julie Bulheller, my new business partner, in our shiny new o ce on Glumangate in the centre of Chester eld  We have just left the independent estate agency we’d been with collectively for nearly 30 years, after they sold to a corporate business and wondering what the heck we’d done!
We were in the middle of of the worst property recession in my lifetime, we’d decided not to do lettings
and concentrate on what we know, which was residential sales. Pretty much everyone we knew thought we were mad and would most likely fail. However, we had the blind belief that we could do better. We could challenge the existing style of estate agency and do it our way.
Fast forward  ve years. We are a full service agency (adding Lettings and New Homes), have  ve branches, we employ - directly or indirectly, more

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