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Despite having been around for thousands of years, the timeless, geographic design of a Kilim rug
fits perfectly with current interior design trends. Kilim patterns provide a pop of colour to modern interiors, adding global sophistication with an eclectic edge.
Their distinctive, non-pile flat weave
is super-practical and works well with modern furniture. Perfect in hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, even in kitchens or try one as a wall hanging
- a colourful Kilim makes a statement in an otherwise neutral room. Genuine Kilim rugs are steeped in cultural practices, with weaving methods varying across Turkey, North Africa and areas of the Middle East.
To make Kilim rugs, multi- coloured wool fibres are interwoven to create a flat, distinctive textile, with weaving techniques and design motifs being passed down through generations.
When buying a genuine Kilim, look for a handmade item if you can afford it. Rug weaving is an art form so view your
rug as an investment piece, although you’ll find smaller Kilims can be surprisingly affordable. Alternatively look to the High Street for modern pieces inspired by traditional Kilim patterns including rugs, cushions and throws.
Genuine fair trade Kilim rug, Maymana £365 from The Afghan Rug Shop,
   Kashi Kilim cushion, £28, Myakka,
Tarifa footstool made from recycled plastic bottle yarn, £189, Weaver Green,
Afghan Heritage kilim runner, £265, Nain Trading,
Inca tribal Kilim rug with recycled denim, from £74.95, Namaste,

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