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                  A staggering 35,000 employees a day come to work at Boeing (they have to work in different shift patterns to the rest of the state, so they do not overrun the highways at clocking-off time!) who are housed in the largest building in the world. It was incredible to see that the scale of their ambition matches the size of their operation.
Perhaps what was even more remarkable was that our guide, probably someone of relatively low pay grade, was trusted and able to answer questions around the recent 737MAX disasters. It was very refreshing to hear their staff take ownership
of the issue and give such heartfelt responses, something we always encourage our people to do.
The trip also provided us with examples of some truly incredible service that you rarely seem to get
in the UK. Service that was not about spending thousands of pounds to wow customers but creating systems and processes to allow employees to do what they love - looking after people.
It started at the hotel, right from check-
in. The staff had taken the time to know why we were coming and knew exactly how long we were staying. They asked questions throughout our stay to make the ‘experience’ better. Getting to know exactly how you liked your coffee, or how you liked your eggs at breakfast.
I suffered from jet-lag terribly while I was in Seattle, so I was often up before 4am. With little else to do at that time I’d get up and go for a run. In the hotel entrance, the ‘security guard’, a highly engaging hotel representative, greeted me with “Jet-lag? It happens a lot, please take a chilled water bottle and towel. Do you know where you’re going to run? We have these handy pocket-sized maps prepared with different routes to take in the sights of our amazing city.” All these tiny yet memorable details, all before 3.45am!
I left, contemplating just how much the little details matter and how I want our service to leave a lasting impression on our customers.
There were so many more examples,
but I am sure you get the picture. The hotel was not cheap, but it was by
no means the most expensive hotel
in the city either, yet I cannot imagine getting more from any other. And I feel that is so true of our service at Redbrik. We are often not the cheapest, or
the most expensive, but we will strive to deliver the best experience, and most importantly, the best result for our clients. When that service and expertise is linked to the marketing of your biggest asset, that experience can lead to generating thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of pounds worth of difference.
The trip has also given us new and exciting ideas to create and deliver different services that we are already working on bringing to you. We are obsessed by helping people with their property decisions and want to create a relationship with you that is not just transactional. In the same way that you might build a long term, beneficial relationship with your doctor or your accountant, we want to be here for you whether you are buying, selling, investing, letting or simply maintaining and adding value.

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