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At Redbrik we are passionate about good design and never more so than in our work with developers who are delivering new homes in the region. We love to be involved in a project delivery team right from the start so we are able to influence exactly the type of scheme our buyers want.
A very welcome trend that we have seen is a much closer relationship between architects and developers – and sometimes a blending of the two – which is unlocking more creative construction and problem solving in the built environment.
We’re all aware of how good housing design can have positive effects on the lives of people living in the home and the wider community. According to research by CABE (Commission
for Architecture and the Built Environment) well designed housing not only delivers public heath benefits and increases property values, it
also reduces crime. However, in
many cases architects may only be involved at the very outset and then not consulted or may only be brought
“The best development companies are doing the best projects by working with very good architects and solving problems together."
daily lives. Happily, collaborative working between developers, architects, planners and builders from the get-go can deliver creative and practical results. Peter Lee, Director at Redbrik New Homes, agrees; The best development companies are doing the best projects by working with very good architects and solving problems together. The fact that these developments are so popular with buyers and retain great resale values is no coincidence.
“Sky-House at Waverley is a great example of this in action. We’ve been involved from the start to look at what kind of housing is popular with people in the area and what buyers are looking for. The architects have designed these homes with quality
of life in mind and this flows through every aspect of the development, fully supported by the developer and building team.”
Take a look at some of our current architect designed developments. Or, if you are planning your own ‘grand design’ then check out our top tips for using an architect.
Take a look at some of our current best buys.
1. Sky-House, Waverley
in to troubleshoot a thorny design issue. This can mean that housing is developed with purely profit in mind by developers or lacking in creative solutions for how people live their
   Based on the Back-to-Back housing concept created by award winning Architects CODA Studios – ‘Sky-House’
is derived from the houses' unique roof gardens and expansive glazing, creating homes that are bright, airy and spacious with unrivalled views from every level. Creating a strong community feel is key here, with a series of open spaces for residents to share and an all-weather play space for children. Phase two of the scheme has been launched and includes a range of spacious two and four-bed homes.
See for details or call our New Homes Team on 0114 299 4144.

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