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Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, Redbrik has become the first choice for lettings across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
The process of moving home, renting or buying, can be a stressful one. We work incredibly hard to take pressure away from clients and make their experience as smooth and straightforward as possible. We’re passionate about simplifying the rental process.
The lettings team at Redbrik are completely focused on customer service. Whether the applicant is a first time tenant, a company relocation, a retired couple, a family which has sold their home and not found somewhere to buy, or an international student who has moved to the UK for the first
time – we are here to support them throughout the entire application and referencing process and available to answer questions, reassure them and help them find the right home.
Our fees for this service have
always been fair and reflected the tremendous amount of hard work, time and experience delivered by our highly qualified team who provide
so much more than just ’tenancy administration’.
However, tenant fees are a hot topic within the industry. In some parts of the country they have become out of hand with many unscrupulous agents charging over the odds for what can only be classed as a minimal service.
To tackle this issue a new Government law has been introduced. On 1 June 2019, a Government Act came into force affecting all agents, tenants and
landlords in the UK. Under the Tenant Fees Act, the number of items letting agents can charge tenants for is significantly restricted.
Previously, landlords and lettings agents were legally allowed to charge fees for their services such as tenancy renewals, referencing fees, and credit check fees. But, following the introduction of the new Act, this is now banned.
Under the new Act, agents can only charge tenants for the following, in connection with a tenancy:
• Rent
• A refundable Tenancy Deposit capped at no more than five weeks rent
• A capped refundable Holding

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