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                 Deposit of no more than the equivalent of one-week rent
• Payments in the event of a default, variation or termination (surrender) of a tenancy
• Payments in respect of Council Tax
• Payments for utilities (electricity, gas
or other fuel, water or sewage)
• Payments for a Television Licence
• Communication services (telephone other than a mobile telephone; the internet; cable television, satellite television)
• Green Deal charge
In recent years, tenant fees have been getting out of control, particularly
at corporate agents, and we acknowledge reform was necessary to help ensure properties with these agents are more accessible to all
and make the process and charges fairer. We welcome this move by the Government to stop dishonest agents and landlords charging over the odds. However, there is still a service which tenants require, and we feel perhaps these should be chargeable with the introduction of a sensible capped fee rather than a blanket ban. Agents
are still required to do the exact same amount of work as they did previously and provide the same levels of service.
Our fees for this service have always been
fair and reflected the tremendous amount of hard work, time and experience delivered by our highly qualified team who provide so much more than just ’tenancy administration’.
At Redbrik, we have always charged sensibly and fairly. Much of this is the cost of administrating an application for the tenant delivered by our ARLA (Association of Residential Lettings Agents) qualified staff who are on hand for a tenant through the application process.
The tenant fee covers the service being provided by renting through an agent, rather than renting privately or through a landlord directly, and the security and the support that comes with it by having someone who is experienced and knowledgeable available to guide them through the entire process.
We are not just here for our tenants
at the outset but, in the case of our
fully managed properties, we are also here for them throughout the entire tenancy to provide support and advice and help make sure their home is well maintained.
With or without the law change, one thing is clear – at Redbrik, we remain committed to providing the very best possible service for both our landlords and tenants. And what we do works.
Tenants regularly provide positive feedback on individuals within the Redbrik lettings team.
The same amount of time will be required for each individual tenancy application so these costs across the industry will need to be passed on somewhere.

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