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                 informal – often the best advice is to speak when spoken to, focusing on the positive aspects of the property.
Of course, you may prefer to let one of our highly-professional, Redbrik property representatives take the stress away from the viewing experience. First impressions are crucial when it comes to house viewings, and you can rest easy knowing our dedicated professionals will do everything they can to sell your home while you head out and enjoy your day.
It’s sometimes best to keep small children out of the way when viewings are taking place. A potential buyer might shy away from a purchase if they feel they are just getting in the way when trying to admire your home.
Remember to also tackle your children’s bedrooms. They might look like a bit of a war zone, but viewers are likely going to want to check out every room in the house, and it’ll be diffcult for them to decide when they’re tripping over piles of toys. Be warned - don’t quickly chuck everything inside built-in wardrobes and cupboards as the viewers might want to look inside them!
Making sure your property looks its absolute best and spotless for those all- important viewings really can make all the difference
If possible, try to get someone to look after your pets while viewings are taking place, or at the very least put them in the garden while viewers fall
in love with your property. It’s also recommended to tidy away any messy pet bowls, and to keep your windows open to replace any lingering animal smells with some much-needed fresh air.
When it comes to owning property, it can sometimes feel like there are 101 things to fix at once, so it’s no shock that there are a few things that just slip under the radar.
This is especially true when it comes to things like the lightbulb in that old cupboard you never use, or that tap which you could never quite get to stop dripping entirely.
Of course, while you might have almost completely forgotten these faults even existed, they might make all the difference to someone coming to view your home – there is nothing worse than walking around a property and taking mental notes of all the things that need fixing. Take the time to go around your home and ensure that every room is in the best shape it can be.
We all adore our pets, but sometimes its quite easy to forget that not everyone is an animal lover. The last thing you want to do is scare off a potential buyer by having a big, fluffy dog try to jump on them as soon as they walk through the door!

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