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Redbrik PropertyFile is an online portal designed to make buying, selling, renting or letting easier. Providing you with all the information you need in one place, it will help you to keep
up to date on all aspects of your experience with Redbrik.
It can be accessed 24/7, 365 days
a year. With instant access from any location, on any internet enabled device, you can securely log into the system and access your vital information whenever and wherever you may need it.
Nothing replaces the human touch
or the personal advice we offer, but Redbrik PropertyFile allows you to log on 24/7 to check the status of your sale, when viewings are taking place and what offers you have received. When a sale is agreed, we will keep your online account up to date when key milestones are reached, so even if you can’t always speak to us during the day, you can catch up on the progress of your sale at a time that suits you.
Viewers can request times straight from our website and we then qualify potential buyers and confirm all appointments with you. Viewers automatically receive feedback forms following a visit, which we will follow up on, and personally pass all feedback on to you.
Monitor your gas safety certificates and other responsibilities to ensure you are complying with legislation.
You can also track the status of maintenance requests raised on your property and monitor financial transactions such as deposit registration.
Your Redbrik PropertyFile App keeps you informed from the application, right the way through to when you move out.
We let you know about important events, such as your referencing status and when inspections are scheduled. You can also find out move in and move out appointment dates and times.
Alerts can be pushed to you so
that you are updated immediately, meaning no more lost emails or unexpected inspections. You can also report maintenance issues and track the progress right from the App.
Buyers can use their online account to request viewings, track their progress and receive confirmations. When a viewing is confirmed, you can find
all the details in your online account, including directions to the property. Post-viewing, you can provide feedback on the property for the seller.
You can also follow the progress of your purchase, with updates on when key milestones are reached.
You’ll have access to all documents in one place, including agreements, inspections, and account statements.

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