Page 65 - Redbrik: Property and Lifestyle Summer 2018
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                 SOCIAL MEDIA
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have fast become the best way to stay connected with your audience. It’s the easiest and most immediate way to share content.
Social media is a great way to build strong relationships with our followers, as well as other businesses and hit new audiences. It increases website traffc and search ranking, while generating more sales leads.
Our clients like and share our posts
and it has quickly become an alternative property guide, tempting buyers with homes they hadn’t previously considered.
At Redbrik, we work hard to ensure our social media is kept up to date, relevant and engaging. It allows us to promote our business, while also sharing news stories, advice, as well as updates from the offce. It helps us show that there’s more to us than just a business and allows our personality to shine through.

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