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Car Loop Banners
Everybody knows them, everybody has seen them, in fact that’s the whole point! A car loop banner is your business’s ticket into the minds of every parent, school employee, and child passing through the front of the school every day, usually twice. Whether you are running a coffee shop, restaurant, retail store, or if you are a roofing or A/C contractor, why not remind these folks that your business serves their area, and that you support their kid’s school? Kids go to school up to 180 days a year, and many kids are dropped off and picked up from school daily. That means one parent can see your banner up to 360 times a year. That’s only one student. The average school in Brevard County has about 300 car-riding students.
Stadium and Gym Banners
Every year, tens of thousands of visitors attend high school athletic competitions at each school. Many of these competitions last hours, which means your message can be viewed repeatedly. Why not inform the fans about your business and that you support their kid’s school?
“I feel giving back to local schools
is an important part of building
our community and my business. Brand recognition through banners has helped me become one of the top Realtors in Brevard County,”
said David Cable, Realtor with RE/ MAX Elite. “Supporting the Partners in Education (PIE) program is something I strongly recommend making a part of your business plan.”

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