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Visitor Parking Signs
Visitor Parking Signs in school parking lots push your brand and quickly identify your support of the school. Each year, Brevard Public Schools gets over 600,000 visitors to its schools and offices. Show your support for BPS. Most schools have availability. Make your brand the first thing parents, vendors, or visitors see when entering a school. Sponsoring a visitor’s parking spot is a perfect opportunity to showcase your business as one that supports schools and the communities they serve.
Car Loop Tags
Thousands of parents pick up their elementary aged children daily. To make the job easier on school staff most schools order car loop tags from the BPS Print Shop. The tags hang from the car’s rear view mirror with the individual child’s name boldly printed on the front to make dismissal easier. The staff can quickly see which child belongs in each car. These tags are supplied free to the schools and the printing cost is fully underwritten by the advertiser.
Imagine your message not only being read 180 days a year (since your message faces the driver), but handled as well. The tags are not left on the mirror when the car is driving around.
Cafeteria Napkin Dispensers
School cafeteria have many opportunities to catch students and teachers’ eyes. Napkin dispensers on the service line and on tables provide a unique opportunity for you to reach these audiences. Space is limited.
Sports Facilities Scoreboards
Some schools’sports facilities have scoreboards either ready for replacement or ready to carry an advertiser’s message. Thousands of fans eye the scoreboard multiple times during live events in the stadium or gymnasium. What a great opportunity to show fans you support the school and educate them about your business.

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