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McKinney-Vento Act
The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
is is is federal legislation that was passed to address growing concerns about the plight of individuals experiencing homelessness The Act
defines “homeless children and and youths” as “individuals who lack a a a a a a a fixed regular and and adequate nighttime residence ” Educational issues and requirements related to homelessness are addressed in the law Definition of homeless students
• Living in in emergency or transitional shelters FEMA trailers abandoned in hospitals
•Sharing the the housing housing of of other persons due to loss of of housing housing or or economic hardship or or a a a a similar reason “doubled up”
•Living in in cars parks campgrounds public spaces abandoned buildings substandard housing bus or train stations or similar settings
•Living in in hotels or motels due to economic hardship Students-in-Transition School District Services
Grant-funded Homeless Information Specialist services for for student/ families-in-transition are available during the 2018-2019 school year If parents/guardians are are interested in in these services they should make a a a a a a request at their child’s school for a a a a Referral be completed and sent to the district homeless liaison District Homeless Student Liaison:
Dr Sally Shinn Office of Student Services
Phone: 633-1000 ext 366
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services are provided to students
who may be classified as as learning disabled disabled intellectually disabled disabled emotionally- and behaviorally-disordered hearing impaired visually impaired impaired impaired physically handicapped speech impaired impaired impaired language impaired impaired impaired autism spectrum disabled and gifted Related services include educa- tionally-relevant occupational therapy therapy and physical therapy therapy The ESE program is funded from state federal and local allocations Policies programs and procedures are established in accordance with state and and federal regulations and and requirements Exceptional Education classes are located at at at all schools Students may access a a a a a a classroom that meets their their individual needs at at their their neighbor- hood school school or at at a a a school school within their feeder pattern For information about the variety of services available to students
in in Exceptional Exceptional Education Education visit the Exceptional Exceptional Student Education Education section of the the BPS website or contact the the ESE department at (321) 633-1000 ext 520 Exceptional Students Brevard Public School’s transportation department transports more than 23 000 students
each school school day on 352 school school bus routes Students who live two miles or or more from their assigned school are eligible for school school bus transportation Students shall board the school school bus bus at at the nearest designated
bus bus stop Students will be assigned one school bus stop based on their official/legal home of of record Multiple school bus stops for students
are not authorized For more information visit the the Transportation section of the the BPS website Regional Busing
Regional busing was made available for for the 2018-2019 school year for for any student with an an approved Educational Program
Opportunity appli- cation and who had indicated interest in in in the service by July 20 20 2018 Students can be placed onto a a a a a a waitlist if the deadline was missed During registration at at schools regional bus passes will be distributed which will indicate the stop location and times Students need this pass to access the the bus the the first day of school For more information contact the Division of Equity Innovation and Choice at (321) 633-1000 ext 395 Bus Transportation 14 •Ensure access to school and appropriate services •Enroll homeless students
in school immediately •Provide counseling if needed
•Provide free lunch
•Provide school supplies if needed
•Provide after school academic support
•Provide transportation to the school of origin when requested and in in the child’s best interest 

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