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Elementary Programs
Brevard Public Schools educates students in a a a child-centered envi- ronment that promotes and and and develops literacy and and and understanding of mathematics social studies language arts and scientific concepts In this environment students are are viewed as active participants who are are encouraged to explore manipulate objects question take risks work cooperatively think feel trust and evaluate themselves The teacher’s role in in this environment is is to to facilitate learning rather than to to only dispense knowledge It is is is in this environment that students become responsible for their learning and behavior Grade Level Standards
The Florida Standards
have been established in the areas of lan- guage arts mathematics and social studies The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
(NGSSS) are established for science These grade-level standards list key benchmarks for student progress English Language Arts
BPS’ English Language Arts
(ELA) Program
integrates instruction of reading writing grammar and speaking & listening in in in in in order to develop and refine students’ literacy Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for grades K-6 Florida Journeys is the district adopted ELA textbook series District-created units utilize the text from this program to support standards aligned instruction The instruction is systematic balanced and research-based building success with every lesson that is introduced and reinforced Foundational skills are built from kindergarten forward Deep comprehension tasks include discussion about texts and writing in in response to texts texts The series provides quality texts texts balanc- ing ing literature and informational reading opportunities for for students Support for differentiated instruction is included Writing instruction in in in in the Florida Journeys includes lessons on on on how
to improve students’ abilities in in in in the writing process and in in in in responding to what they have read The standards-based curriculum follows a a a a a a a progression from kindergarten to sixth grade that develops writers who use the the craft to learn think and communicate across the the disciplines stressing the linkage between writing and reading These lessons follow a a a logical sequence to build students’ confidence and skill The qualities of of writing are identified through the instruction of of Six Traits (Ideas Organization Voice Word Choice Fluency and Conventions) and are applied through process writing (planning drafting revising editing and publishing) This instruction is is is designed to produce mas- tery of oral and written communication The Spelling component for grades 1-6 of the Florida Journeys program will be used as the district-adopted spelling curriculum This component creates a a a connection to reading in in in using words that reflect the vocabulary word study (etymology morphology and and syllable types) and and phonics components of the grade level texts 19

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