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Grammar is addressed in Florida Journeys via embedded lesson re- lating to writing The authentic texts included in in in in the the textbook provide quality language for study of appropriate grammar and usage in a a a a a a a a a a mentor text method In addition to the resources available in Florida Journeys district-cre- ated documents are available for additional instruction in in literacy Mathematics
The district adopted mathematics program for grades K-5 is is Scott-Foresman-Addison Wesley enVisionMath (Florida © 2015) This program is organized into 16 topics (chapters) that provide in-depth instruction A variety of assessment opportunities for ongoing prog- ress monitoring and intervention are provided The district adopted mathematics program for grade 6 is is Big Ideas Learning LLC Bid Ideas Math Advanced 1 1 (Florida © 2015) This program is is organized into 15 chapters and the content is is arranged to to provide depth and cohesiveness A variety of assessments opportu- nities are offered throughout the program District-created resources aligned with both programs support stan- dards-aligned instruction They are also research-based and designed to engage students in in problem solving activities that enable them them to build deep understanding of the the the mathematical concepts and and ideas Activities and lessons that support differentiated instruction and response-to-intervention are offered within these programs Science
BPS’ science goal is to provide students with a a a a well-balanced K-6 curriculum which is aligned with Florida’s NGSSS To develop science literacy in in in in our students they are actively involved in in in in inquiry investigations that teach the the content as as well as as the the essential process skills The district adopted instructional materials STEMscopes Florida Florida 2 0 (K-5) and McGraw Hill Grade 6 Florida Florida Comprehensive include multiple hands-on minds-on activities that provide science content and real-world connections Social Studies
BPS’ social studies core curriculum focuses on Florida’s NGSSS while engaging students in in lessons to to develop the ability to to make informed and reasoned decisions Activities provide pathways for for engagement discussion and historical thinking while incorporating reading writing and mathematical integration of subject matter The district-adopted instructional materials Studies
Weekly (K-5) and TCI History Alive! The Ancient World (Gr 6) support standards-aligned curriculum by offering tools information and resources to to encourage students to to think critically and make conceptual connections to to the real world 20 

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