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Elementary Programs continued
Controlled Open Enrollment
BPS allows parents to decide which academic environment
is is best for their child The district’s “open enrollment” plan affords all students K-12 the opportunity to attend a a a a public school school other than their assigned school school Parents who are are interested in in open enrollment must complete an Educational Location Option (ELO) or or Educational Program Opportunity (EPO) online application Every effort is made to accommodate requests but factors such as school overcrowding may
impact acceptance Additional information including details about regional busing for EPO students (page 14) applications and school options can be found at at the Equity Innovation and Choice section of the BPS website or by calling (321) 633-1000 ext 395 22
BPS’ music program provides a a a a a cohesive developmental approach that emphasizes learning about music music performing music music through various activities and and mediums and and developing an an an appreciation
for all aspects of music music and music music making It is is our hope that this approach will create a a a a a a lifelong appreciation
for the Arts Health & Physical Education The goal of elementary physical education at at BPS is to provide stu- dents with a a a a a a a a standards-based balanced sequential and and progressive educational activity program program The program program aimed at at kindergarten through sixth grade students includes basic movement concepts and and skills that are age-and developmentally-appropriate This in turn leads to to the development of motor skills knowledge and values which are needed to establish and and maintain a a a a a a a a a healthy and and physically active lifestyle Aligned with Florida’s NGSSS for Physical Education the Elementary Physical Education Curriculum Guide Adapted Physi- cal cal Education Education Resource Guide and Physical Education Education Best Practices Brochure are available to all teachers as as the the basis for their curricu- lum FITNESSGRAM - 8 5 is the physical fitness assessment program used by all Brevard schools Individual FITNESSGRAM report cards are available to all students Gifted
The goal of the BPS Gifted
Program is to provide appropriate levels of of enrichment to meet the varying needs of of students This program focuses on on the academic and social emotional needs of students identified as as needing gifted services District and school-based resources are utilized to support the instructional needs for each grade level The goal of the elementary health health program is to develop a a a a a a health health consciousness in in all students utilizing a a a a a standards-based develop- mentally appropriate curriculum aimed at at enriching their wellbeing A K-8 Health Curriculum Guide is available to teachers with lessons and activities that can easily be integrated into the core curriculum This guide is is aligned with the NGSSS for Health Mandated by the Florida Legislature BPS developed a a a a a comprehensive age- and developmentally-appropriate Human Sexuality Curriculum Guide for use by teachers in all grade levels Beginning in in in in in in the sixth grade Life Skills Training is introduced It is is a a a a a substance abuse prevention program that is is comprehensive interactive and based on 20 years of scientific research It focuses on on on self-image decision making social and communication skills and peer pressure Life Skills is aligned with the NGSSS for Math Science Science Language Arts and Social Sciences Florida House Bill 1739 which became law on June 29 1990 mandated all counties to offer a a a a a comprehensive health curriculum dealing with the aspects of human sexuality The Human Sexuality curriculum is taught in in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade grade All curriculum guides are available for public viewing in in the school offices Art BPS’ Art program provides instruction and assessment in in elemen- tary art art that revolve around the the development of of the the elements of of art art and the the principles of design The art program is correlated with the the NGSSS The district adopted series is is is Harcourt Publishers for K-5 and Scott Foresman for Grade 6 

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