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Opt-Out Directory Provision
Brevard Public Schools has a a a a a policy to safeguard students’ directory information from being released to to commercial entities non-profit agencies or or individuals This information includes student:
• date of graduation or program completion • date and place of birth
• names
• addresses
• phone numbers
• participation in school activities and sports • honors and awards
• height and weight of athletic team members • dates of attendance
The district takes the responsibility of safeguarding your child’s school records very seriously and and follows state and and federal regulations regarding the release of such information “Directory Information ” as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows the disclosure of certain student information including names
and addresses
without prior written consent unless a a a a parent has opted out The primary purpose of directory information is is is to to to allow the district to to to include this type of information from your child’s records in in in certain school publica- tions Examples include graduation lists lists recognition lists lists sports activity sheets and playbills In accordance with School Board Policy 8330 if you do not want BPS to to disclose your child’s allowable directory information without your prior written consent you you must notify the district in writing The opt-out form is available at your child’s school $ 10
off Your qualifying
regular price purchase of $50 or or more 

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