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English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL)
Identification and placement
All parents
complete a a a a Home Language Survey (HLS) during regis- tration If a a a a a a a a a parent indicates that another language is spoken at at at at home schools administer a a a a comprehensive English language proficiency screener to determine whether that language has impacted the the student’s proficiency in English English Designated as English English Language Learners (ELLs) students who meet eligibility for the program are placed in appropriate grades and courses with highly qualified ESOL- endorsed or or board-approved teachers Instructional model
The primary instructional model
for Brevard is a a a a a a mainstream inclusion model
in in in which instruction is delivered through the use of ESOL strategies supports and accommodations English-sheltered classes are also available at secondary schools with a a a a a a a a a a large ELL population These are English courses for ESOL students only As mandated by the Florida Consent Decree classroom teachers provide understandable and and differentiated instruction in in a a a a a a manner appropriate to an an ELL’s level of o English proficiency The language proficiency o of an ELL is taken into consideration during lesson planning instruction assessment as as as well as as as grading Supplemental assistance
Through district funding and and Title III the following supports and and resources
are available for ELLs throughout the district:
• ESOL-itinerant teachers for supplemental academic support and monitoring in in non-staffed schools • a a a a a a bilingual assistant for any school with an an an enrollment of of 15 ELL of of the same home language • an an an ESOL teacher for any school with an an an enrollment of 50 ELL students • an an ESOL parent parent liaison for parent parent engagement and community outreach programs
• quality professional development for instructional staff and ESOL contacts
• supplemental online programs
for language acquisition • supplemental classroom materials
• ESOL tutoring
• Summer programs
Progress monitoring School principals designate an ESOL contact at at their respective sites to to serve as a a a a a district and school liaison to to ESOL ESOL parents
The ESOL ESOL contact ensures school compliance Through the ELL Committee 

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