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Welcome to Brevard Public Schools!
This is is is an an exciting time for the district and your family As you you embark on the school year this guide can be used to learn more about Brevard Public Schools and to help you make the best decisions for your child’s educational progress An “A” district BPS is is committed to “serving every student with excel- lence as the the standard ” The district strives to provide students with the the highest-quality education in a a a a safe supportive environment BPS students are immersed in in challenging and varied curriculum Students can choose from a a a a wide range of learning opportunities including Career and Technical Education programs dual-enrollment courses and choice schools focusing on science technology engineer- ing arts and math The district’s top priority remains the safety and well-being of students Every school is served by a a a a team which includes law enforcement and mental-health experts and all campuses are now safeguarded with a a a a a a a a a single secure point-of-access Furthermore the the district’s mental health plan provides direct access to a a a a a a range of mental health supports for students and and families and and promotes a a a a a positive school climate To learn more about Brevard Public Schools and parental-involvement opportunities you are encouraged to visit the BPS website at www brevardschools org and to contact your school’s administration STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS
White (63 19%) Black (14 90%) Hispanic (11 33%)
Asian/ Pacific Islands (2 44%) American Indian/Alaska Native (0 29%)
Other (7 85%)
517 sts
Florida • All grade 11 students took the ACT in 2017 outper- forming college-bound students in Florida AA degrees were awarded +t2o2 BP+S25 students 4 What makes us who we are?
Brevard Public Schools is the 49th largest district in the United States and the 10th largest district in Florida As the largest employer in Brevard County BPS employs approximately 9 300 staff members serving over 75 000 students annually With 82 schools 10 special centersand11charterschools the district educates its students in 17 dif- ferent municipalities across the space coast BPS is committed to serving the community and enhancing students’ lives by delivering the highest quality education in a a a culture of dedication collaboration and learning (53% free/ reduced lunch)
Asian/ Pacific Is American Indian Other (7 85%)
8% ass
• In 2018 BPS ranked 2nd
• In 2017 participation in acceler- ated program exams increased STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS
White (63 19%) Black (14 90%) Hispanic (11 33%)
2012 2013 2014 2015
in in graduation rate among
AP students outperformed the Reading +28 the 15
largest districts in in Florida Composite = 19 8 VS
+33 +15 +17
+36 +39
Math +17
Writing +25
+20 +20 +20 +20 state on their exams and 356
BPS Composite = 20 4 7 P 20 5 Te lands /Alaska 

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